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Large Gatherings


Large gatherings: Scary. Loud. Crowded. Nerve-wrecking.

I’m not one for parties, dear readers. I’m not one for any gathering larger than six people that isn’t in a classroom setting. Mostly throughout my college experience I’ve managed to stay away from heavily crowded social events. One night, I was not so lucky.

Story time!

Finals week of fall semester was bound to be stressful. With five finals in four days my head was dizzy. Luckily my college knows how to take care of it’s students. There were many different events where students could make stress balls, play with play-doh, bubble wrap, bubbles everything to lower the stress from studying.  They also had a bunch of stuff for us to make our own study snack mix. Which was yummy, by the way.

The night before the dreaded week started resident life put on an event called Midnight Madness. All the fun you could ask for, chicken wings, pizza, coffee, soda, and music. Everyone had a great time. I, however was not prepared. Before entering the event I didn’t know there was going to be a DJ, and I didn’t think it would be as popular as it was because all the other events had a low attendance rate. Boy was I wrong.

The dining hall was transformed, there had to have been over four hundred students there and that wasn’t counting the faculty. The usual food stands were covered in cloth (they were trying to be fancy). Walking in it seemed like it’d be a good time, but once we turned the corner the music became louder, and it became apparent that this wasn’t going to be a nice stress-free break. People were everywhere, there was a DJ set up in the corner and he was blasting music that a crowd of people were dancing to. I froze, a feeling of intense fear came over me. This wasn’t what I expected. My mind raced and I wanted to leave. But my boyfriend was excited, and so for him I stayed. But I never left the booth we managed to snag until it was time to leave.

How do you guys handle these sorts of situations? Are you shy like me, or would you be out there with the rest dancing? Let me know about your experiences!


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