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Love in college.


Love is a crazy, crazy thing. I love many things; Reese’s, books, writing, mac and cheese, ice cream, my family, my best friend, my dog…my boyfriend???

Before coming to college I had never had a boyfriend. I was what some people would call…unapproachable due to my shyness. My quietness was off-putting and no one wanted to put in the effort to get me to open up. Until now. The first weekend at college I came into contact with a guy named C.H. He was tall, polite and had the nicest smile I’ve ever seen. Best of all, he talked to me and I? I talked back. ❤

My first weekend at college I was in rare form, instead of being the ultra-shy person everyone from home knows me as, I was outgoing! I talked to my roommates and when they started talking to new people I was right next to them. Though I never started the conversations, I still got to know a few people.

After the first meeting, he and his roommate became friends with my two roommates and because we had the bigger room they hung out there. Slowly I was sucked into the group. Quickly after that our relationship bloomed, we watched Netflix together, we went to the dining hall together and he would even carry my heavy bag around campus for me. We went on hikes, and we spent a lot of time messaging each other. Before I knew it he got down on two knees and asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, things continued to get better and better, and they still are. He was my first kiss, my first hand-hold, my first true confident at college and of the different sex.

Of all the things that have happened at college so far( that I’m sure I will end up writing about) he’s been right there next to me.

College has definitely been changing me, how has it/did it change you? Did you/Are you falling in love at college? Let me know!



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