College Commentary

Smoking on campus.


With the tides changing in the tobacco market, policies everywhere are changing when it comes to smoking. So where should colleges stand? Personally, I think that there should be specified places to smoke on campuses. I don’t smoke, my friends don’t smoke, my parents don’t smoke so though I don’t have anything against people who do smoke I think they could at least try to be a little more considerate of people who choose not to destroy their health one breath at a time.

A very small group of students at my college smoke, but even those few people cause much distress to asthmatics, and others.

Smoking in public places just stinks, literally.

What really irks me is when smokers decide to stop and smoke by outside stairs that everyone has to use in order to get places, there isn’t a way around them unless you want to risk walking down a really step muddy hill. If they aren’t standing by the stairs they are walking really slowly in a group to block the whole walkway. What I’m asking for is simple, enforced areas for them to smoke that’s well ventilated.

What do you think? How should colleges handle cigarette smoke?


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