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With the ever changing weather in New York state, illnesses are spreading throughout the campus like a wildfire in August. Whether it be simple colds or viruses it seems like everyone is being impacted.


Sunday morning, I was awoken before the sun feeling sick to my stomach. The nausea was terrible, and even worse…persistent. Being sick on a Sunday while definitely not ideal is also not bad because…well…it’s the weekend. What’s really bad is when it doesn’t go away by nightfall and you’re left wondering how you’re going to get through classes the next day.

Being sick on a Monday est trés mal . Monday’s are already a nightmare and being sick literally just makes it worse. I had to make the ultimate decision, which (of course) required an outsiders opinion, so I asked my friend group, however there was just radio silence on their end and I had to act fast. So I did what no sane person should ever do…I woke up E.G, my roommate. She’s totally not a morning person and in fact, has even told me that she hates being woken up by humans so…I had to tread carefully.

Luckily, although she is not a morning person, she happens to be a really great friend so she wasn’t too angry that I had woken her up.

…I guess all this back story is really just a ploy to pose the question. “How do you handle being sick in College?”

I ended up missing all my Monday classes under the advisement of a healthcare professional, and two of them today because the virus seemed to experience a mighty strong comeback. Now, however, I’m being hit with a tidal wave of anxiety. There’s so many assignments due, too many tests coming up. I hold a strong belief that taking Monday off was the right decision because not only did it prevent me from infecting other people it allowed me to rest and take medicine.

How would you answer that question? What will you/won’t you miss classes for?





3 thoughts on “Sickness

  1. I think that it is all personal preference! If you think that you can do the class then go, but if you know that the professor will allow you to recover stay! Even though college is about work it is also about your health. The worst thing is pushing yourself and becoming more sick, and then missing more classes!

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  2. Depends on the professor. Some just regurgitate the textbook, I find those easy to skip. Others have a lot of experience that supplements the learning, or curriculum that might deviate slightly from the specifics within the textbook. Those are more risky to miss.

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  3. I personally believe you made the right choice, despite professor tendencies. I think it’s just mean to go to class when you are probably contagious and could pass along your illness to others, which is how it manages to spread like wild fire, btw. If you have a fever or are throwing up, avoid others. I’m glad you rested. You can do the homework you missed, I promise. Missing one day is totally OK if it’s in the best interest of your health, and others’ health. Sorry – I realize this is a little mom like. Can’t help it.


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