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Throughout your educational career, you come across many different kinds of professors. You have the carefree ones, the strict syllabus following professors(who get very upset when the class falls behind), there are teachers who will bend over backwards for you and manage to have the perfect mixture of strictness and flexibility.

Then…there are the weird ones. The ones that are frustrating because they’re nice and fun but they also make things way more difficult than they have to be.

Currently, as of this spring semester I have two such professors. My professor of Modern British Literature and my professor of Database Management.

My professor of Modern Brit Lit, is a really interesting lady. She’s very cultured in what seems like everything. Constantly she makes references to literature, movies, TV, art, and current events. Having a class with her can be fun, you never know what is going to come out her mouth, whether she’s doing an impression, or she’s singing a few lines of a song that she just popped into her head. What’s not fun is how we get behind on the syllabus, how all of our readings get pushed together because she either barely touches them, or she over analyzes them. She’s unpredictable. She never ends class on time, which though I don’t have a class after Brit Lit, other people do or they have work they have to rush to get to because she can never finish a thought. Don’t get me wrong through, I love this class. We’re reading Oscar Wilde, and H.G Wells, and George Bernard Shaw, and many others. But for someone with anxiety the unpredictability makes it hard to catch ones breath.

Another professor that can be included in the list of what frustrates me to no end, is my professor of Database Management(one of my core computer science major classes). He’s a really nice guy, friendly and willing to help as long as he isn’t teaching another class. But he’s old. Like really, really old. He rambles on and on, so much that he forgets what he was saying. Don’t even try to ask him a question. No matter how well you phrase your question he’ll always hear you wrong and give a long winded answer to a question you never asked! He’s so nice about it though that people just nod and smile after he finishes.  Recently I had some trouble with my computer, it wouldn’t run phpMyAdmin(a program) and so I went to him for help. He couldn’t figure it out and while trying to, he deleted all the work I had done for that class. He was nice about it though, he told me that since he had already seen them, and known that they were there that I didn’t have to redo them. Imagine my relief when he said that! Soon it came time for us to electronically submit the scripts so he could look over them closely. I, of course, knowing how forgetful he is emailed him to remind him of what happened and received thanks. Then, a few days later I get an email during another class saying that if I don’t submit them it’ll be an automatic F in the class. Luckily, when asked about it, he apologized but also gave a really long explanation about what’s going on in his personal life that lead him to make the mistake. I’ve been told by upperclassman to avoid taking classes with him at all costs but unfortunately as a three year student, the courses I take are in such an order that there isn’t really an opportunity to pick and choose when I get to take those classes. So, alas, I will be stuck with him as a teacher next semester also.

I realized as I was writing this that this is really just a rant. But I’m about to turn it into a discussion…are you ready?

What have been some of your horror stories with professors? How did you deal? Any advice for me or for fellow students who may one day encounter weird professors?



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