Back at home.


Today, Friday the 20th 2015, is the start of my Spring break.College Spring break. It’s infamous. Those words inspire images of alcohol, partying, the beach and wild clubs…right?

My spring break is going to be a bit different. I’m staying in New York, which means that fun in the sun is most likely not in the forecast…sigh… The nice thing is that I’ll get to spend the next 10 days hanging with my family and just relaxing before the second part of the semester begins.

What I’m hoping will happen over the next ten days for this blog is at least 2 posts a day, book reviews, showcasing some of my creative writing and telling personal stories. Besides that, I’ve got a bunch of homework to do, books to read and Television shows to catch up on.

To start off, I figured I’d tell you all about my lovely dog, Rambo. He’s a German Shepherd and is very old. He’s been part of the family since my time in early elementary school. He is the runt of his litter and was very energetic as a puppy but that quickly dwindled as he got older. He was never into playing fetch but he loves being petted and that makes up for it in the end because there is really nothing that reduces stress at home more than petting a puppy and kissing his head.


The only downfall is that I’m usually quite allergic to his fur. But with the mixture of my allergy medicine and Febreeze Allergen spray, I have yet to sneeze or have itchy eyes! If you or someone you know have allergies I’d recommend using the spray. It works fantastically.

What are you guys doing for spring break? What did you do for spring break? Do you guys have anything you’d like to see me discuss? Books I should read? Social issues? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Back at home.

      1. Ah ha, well for myself, I used to read a lot of rom-com themed books (I’m a guy but I don’t know why, I just enjoy the drama for some reason lol) but these days, I find myself reading more on articles and reports. Last book I read was Dr Robert Cialdini’s book on Influence, which is really something eye opening. I love reading stuff like these because I feel that it helps expand my mind!

        If you are into studying human psychology / behavior (Like me), you can consider reading it. It’s not going to disappoint!
        I have a feeling that you’d prefer reading story books with drama and romance. But that’s just a guess though! Am I right?

        Your pal,
        David Long


      2. I, too have read many Rom-com styled books. I love them but being in college has really exposed me to different genres. The last book I read was “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells I recommend it, for sure. I like drama and romance but I really love classic literature and Absurdism. ~K.D.

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      3. It sounds like you’re really into the cultural stuff and especially the classics. I like how you appreciate the work of the past. Does that mean you love Plays and maybe even musicals?

        Your pal,
        David Long


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