Popping joints.


Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. It was a very busy and emotionally difficult day for me.

Before talking about that later, I thought I’d discuss something that really grosses me out. The popping of other people’s joints.

I crack my knuckles all the time and it doesn’t bother me but for some reason whenever anyone else does it, it makes me squirm.

Growing up my sister’s always cracked their backs, knuckles, and necks and it would just freak me out. Now being a young adult at college with a boyfriend and a roommate it’s gotten even worse. C.H.(my boyfriend) cracks every joint he can regularly, and when I say that I mean at least six times a day, around me, who knows how much he does it when I’m not around. Sometimes he goes so far as to use my arm or leg as a place to crack his knuckles. Or, even worse sometimes when I have a hand on his shoulder/neck area he’ll crack his neck. That’s the absolute worst! I hate feeling his neck pop.

Then there’s my roommate, E.G, She cracks everything also, including her knees. Even though it’s been days wince I’ve last heard that god-awful sound it still resonates in my ears a few times a day.

How do you feel about the popping of joints? Does it gross you out also? What’s the strangest body part you can pop?

~ K.D.


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