I’m a huggy person, my parents raised me to be affectionate and although as I grew up and shyness grasped me it became difficult. It’s still a big part of who I am, and the people I’m closest to receive frequent hugs.

I remember being a little kid and having a best friend that I’d do everything with. We were so close! We lived in the same apartment complex, we both loved to ride scooters, and to read. We would hug a lot and something I’ll always remember is how when it came time for our parents to come pick us up we would hug and hold on tight. We never wanted to let go. I don’t know when we exactly started this and what we called it, I’m sure we had a name for it though, little kids always have names for things. It was great and even though we ended up going to different schools, made different friends and grew apart, that’s still one of my fondest memories.

Hugs remain very important to me. I struggle with hugging new people because let’s be honest, it can be very awkward. “How long do you hug? Should you let go first or should they? Should you have a loose grip or a tight one?” It’s so easy to make things awkward. I’ve yet to uncover some hidden secret, some formula for hugging success but I do know that hugs can lift my spirit like nothing else.

Hugs say a lot of different things depending on what it’s with. For example, hugging a parent is very different from hugging a significant other. While they do have similarities such as, being filled with love, and the ability to make you feel protected and safe. To me the differences really standout.

With someone who you are romantically involved, hugs are a form of intimacy that really transcends everything else. They say what words can’t, and are really just beautiful. There’s also the physical difference, often when hugging someone you’re involved with there is a slight grabbing of the skin and by that I mean that it’s like you’re trying to get closer even when you are already fully pressed against them.

How do you feel about hugs? What are some aspects you find different when hugging different people? Do you have any answers to the questions posed above? Let me know, and let’s discuss.



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