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Throughout my past posts I’ve danced around something that’s been causing me difficulties, emotionally and physically. It’s a subject that I’ve been hesitant to talk about because of how deeply personal it is. I think, however, that blogging is something that may be able to help in this case. My name is K.D. and I…I suffer from anxiety. A lot of people when they have these disorders declare that they have it, they aren’t suffering. That they are overcoming it and it doesn’t control them.

That’s not me. I am suffering. Everyday has been a war and the enemy is using guerrilla warfare. The worst part? It’s my own brain that I’m battling, which means…it isn’t playing fair.

A while ago, I wrote a poem about my anxiety. It’s not a complete explanation of what my anxiety is like. But, it’s an introduction.

Anxiety Poem

More soon,



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