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Doctors|Adventures of shy girl


Today I took an adventure…to the doctors. You see, for the first time ever I walked into the office by myself. Sure my Dad drove me, but he didn’t enter with me. I was so ready for this appointment. I had gotten up on time, my hair was curly from a braid, and I had on my power boots. A pair of brown boots that go almost all the way to my knees. I feel wonderful wearing these boots, like there’s nothing I can’t do when I’m wearing them.

So I walk into the office all prepared; I sign in, sit down, and wait. Few minutes later I’m in a room waiting on the Nurse Practitioner. That confidence I had not even 15 minutes ago? Gone, it evaporated. The magic boots stopped working.

The anxiety crept in then, with all the grace of a 500lb gorilla. My stomach was in knots, my hands began to shake but then the NP walked in. Someone who I’ve seen a lot since being a little kid, the person who had first officially diagnosed my anxiety. I was able to breathe a little easier.

This lady has been my family’s go to NP whenever I got sick and it’s always made me wonder why this smart, kind lady didn’t want to become a doctor. I trust her more than any of the doctors at that office. I wish I could figure out why she never went any farther.

So that’s my adventure for today…

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.



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