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Essay, in the making.


I’m in the midst of Spring break and it’s going pretty… okay. My anxiety was really bad the first few days but it’s finally calmed down, I’ve caught up on all the new episodes of Castle, and I’ve finally finished reading “Heart of Darkness” By Joseph Conrad.

I can’t really say that I enjoyed the book. It was a tough read, and generally really boring. I do, however think that this may be the kind of book that I have to revisit at some point.

Since professors can’t help but give students piles of work to do over any given break, it’s on to the next thing…for the same class. The Monday after I get back, I have my first essay of the semester due. Yay. Imagine that I’m jumping for joy, no really. Do it. It’d be hilarious if I was jumping for joy right now as I am currently laying in bed…jumping while laying down…is that a thing? and if not…can I make it a thing? Hmmm

I wandered off there for a second, my apologies, I’m back.
I have an essay to write! That’s what I was talking about, I remember it so clearly now…I so did not even have to scroll up and look at the title of this post…really! Anyways, the essay. Remember that English professor I told you guys about? Well, the essay is for her class and in her unique style she has built us a bridge on how she wants this essay completed with a few wood panels missing. For example, I know the format she wants it in but not the length she’s expecting, which really bothers me. If anything I wish I had a guideline that said “Hey, student. Write me a paper that’s at least two pages long.” Or even something extremely vague like, “Write until you’re finished exploring your topic.” Instead, there’s nothing. I’m going to be writing my essay on Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and it’ll be comparing, contrasting or showing the importance of something or other in the play. Obviously, I haven’t worked it all out yet. But, I am going to reread the play with a pencil on hand, ready to write notes in the margins.

Have you read “Heart of Darkness”? What about Pygmalion? What were your thoughts on them? Have you ever read a book that you didn’t quite understand and then reread it a few years later and understood?  What’s your writing process for essays? Let me know!



One thought on “Essay, in the making.

  1. I tried to read “The Hobbit” in 5th grade. It didn’t go down too well. However, the 1/3 of it in which I understood what was going on, I thoroughly enjoyed! So I read that every so often since.


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