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Walking into the woods.


As a child, teenager, and really all through adulthood we’re told to avoid strangers. Walk away, scream, ignore. If you’re going to meet a stranger, meet in a very public place. Within a week of starting college, I took a hike with a strange boy that I barely knew.

Luckily for me, it ended well. So many things could have happened to me that day. When I told my parents they were angered and scared for me.

You see, I’ve always loved hiking but I’ve never had many opportunities to do so before starting college and my college has beautiful trails. When I met C.H the first week of college I learned that he was an avid hiker, and thus loved to be out in nature. During that week, we had been texting and during one of those conversations he mentioned he wanted to go hiking. I asked to tag along and he said yes!

So together, we took an adventure to find our own Narnia. We didn’t find Narnia. 😦

We did flirt a lot though and I was finally opening up and talking to him. I remember how in the fall he would wear a lot of tank tops and so I teased him about it. I then made a fool of myself over text by admitting that I found him sexy in his tank tops. While on the hike we had both been wearing tank tops and he brought that conversation up, I was so embarrassed!! But it was a good laughing point and helped break the ice between us.

And though I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t find Narnia, finding him instead was better than any talking Beavers or Centaurs or Aslan.

Moral of the story – Don’t follow a boy out to the woods, even if he’s tall, kind, funny, has a great laugh and looks hella good in shorts and a tank top. Not every guy is C.H. I got lucky.



5 thoughts on “Walking into the woods.

  1. Nothing wrong with a walk in the woods with a new friend, let someone know where you’re going and who you’ll be with first. Let him know that you are letting them know. If anything happens your friends/family will know where to start looking for you both.


      1. All good hikers know that before setting out you should always let someone know your planned route and who is with you. It protects both of you should something go wrong on your hike.


  2. I agree, letting people know where you’re going is a good idea, one that I’ve not actively employed often enough in my travels. I’m going to make sure I do that from now on. But I love following strange people into the woods so…


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