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First year of college: The Final Leg


Spring break is over! I’m back at college and classes start-up tomorrow morning at a crisp 9:05am. School starting up means there are classes that need attending. It also means that my posting schedule on here is going to change quite drastically. I’m going to try for 3+ posts a week from here on out.

This final stretch of classes will be really difficult and it all starts tomorrow with a French test. I’m usually pretty good with French, in fact I have an A but recently because of a virus coupled with my anxiety acting up I missed a lot of classes, so I’m really far behind. Like far behind. I also have an oral exam from long long ago tomorrow after class, which I am completely stressing.

I’ll be up for a while, I’ve got a lot of studying to do…in the cold…because my heater…is broken and it is a frigid 29 degrees.

Don’t you just love college?



2 thoughts on “First year of college: The Final Leg

    1. Thank you! My heater has always been really finicky, luckily just playing with the knob a ton did something and now I have warm air to my room! Don’t be surprised if I end up complaining soon about it being too hot in my room. 😛 Thanks for reading! ~K.D


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