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Looking Up


I was definitely not equipped with the skills to deal with heartbreak. Maybe nobody is? I’m not sure but today’s blog post isn’t about heartbreak and sadness. No, my dear readers. Today is a day to talk about happiness.

While home for Easter weekend I managed to complete some homework. Remember that pesky essay I had been having such a hard time writing? Well after asking for an extension(twice) I was actually able to sit down and write it! It took hours but it ended up being five pages that I’m pretty dang proud of.

I wrote about Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and how Professor Henry Higgins’s dehumanization of Eliza Doolittle makes her all the more human at the end and a Role Model for the ages. I don’t believe that that contains any spoilers but if you haven’t already you should read the play. It’s quick short and really good.

Anyway now that I have the essay out-of-the-way I can focus on my other classes. Dealing with my anxiety and other issues lead me to miss many classes and so I’m really behind in French. Luckily there is a tutor and I’ll start meeting with her soon to catch up. Also because of everything that’s been going on I’ve been slacking when it comes to my Multivariable Calculus homework. I’ve been getting a lot of zeros. But, I requested extensions and now I’ll have a chance to redo the homeworks for a better grade.

So while I’m still struggling and still hurting things are sort of looking up.




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