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My Curse | Part One


As an anxiety sufferer there’s one thing you absolutely must know about me.

I need constant reassurance. I can’t help it.

I have to always make sure: that you aren’t mad at me, that I’m not annoying you, that I’m not being stupid, that you like me, that you want to be around me. Even saying ‘Hello’ to someone requires reassurance to me. I may not ask for it cause I mean, come on. I just said hello. But if someone doesn’t say hi back, or if they take too long to respond or heaven forbid they don’t respond to my text those thoughts come racing into my head and before I know it I’ve asked the question, or I’ve typed and sent it.

I know that when I ask these questions people find it annoying. Probably even more annoying than I thought I was being in the first place.

I. Just. Can’t. Help. It. 

I guess the point of this post is really just to say to those who aren’t anxiety sufferers, please don’t get annoyed if someone needs constant reassurance, be calm and soothing. Answer their question and reassure them. And try, please try to understand that most likely, we can’t help asking. It’ll drive us crazy if we don’t.



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