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Heartbreak | Part Five | Adventures of Shy Girl


The chronicle continues! Yes indeed, it seems I am still going through some unfortunate heartbreak. I am aware that some of my readers who know me personally think that I should stop writing about it and move on. To them I say…this is my blog…and writing about it helps me make sense of it all.

I’ve reached the anger stage. That letter I wrote about? I tore it into a pile of itty bitty shreds of paper. I am so angry, so hurt but I know that given the chance I would probably make out with him and start another relationship. That definitely isn’t in the cards though. There is a lot he needs to work on, and a lot that I have to, too.

As two imperfect human beings with our own issues, no amount of love could keep us together I guess. I mean it’s REALLY hard to keep a relationship going and to fix issues when someone is being uncommunicative.

Still though, I find myself being really angry. At him and at myself. No matter how hard I try, I still end up messaging him. And he doesn’t respond.

I’m so mad that after sending those messages practically begging for some sort of explanation I apologize. Why do I keep apologizing? I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m entitled to some answers, though I don’t think I’ll be getting them any time soon though.

Am I wrong for being angry? Am I wrong for wanting answers? How do you deal with the breakup of a relationship that was of pretty good length?  Let me know. I need all the help I can get.



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