Old Crushes.


Last night I had a really long, exciting conversation with my Best Friend A.C, we were on the phone for almost two hours!! Somehow we got on the subjects of old middle school and elementary school crushes. The result, comedy worth a prime spot on television.

We started out by just listing the people we had previously crushed on and then we begun to list the reasons. Once we got past the standard, they were cute and they were nice to me, we got into the truly strange reasons.

She had a good amount of crushes from k-8. For example(with her permission), she had liked someone simply because they did a math project together, and a guy that had said hi to her while passing her in the hallway. The first time she was asked out was in the third grade, the guy asked her out in Japanese-neither of them hailed from Japan-and then told her after she said yes what it meant. If I’m remembering correctly nothing came of it because I mean, they were third graders, but after a while she asked him if he still liked her and he responded with “No, I stopped liking you two weeks ago.”.

Now when I heard this, I laughed and I know that probably wasn’t the kindest thing to do but when you hear about the image that popped into my head you’ll understand. After she said this, in my head I saw this guy walking away from her, all sassy, and turning his head around to snobbishly exclaim that fact. I couldn’t stop laughing. Luckily it was so long ago that she too, was laughing.

I too, had a lot of crushes through those years. My earliest one was on this kid we went to school with in second grade. You see, I’m not very organized and someday I’ll show you what my desk looks like at 18-years-old but as you can imagine it was much worse in the second grade. Anyhow, my teacher, knowing that I was totally disorganized and in need of some serious help, enlisted the most organized guy in our class to help me. He did a great job and I admired him so much. Of course I told previously mentioned best friend and at lunch that day she told him. I was mortified. Somehow my friendship with her survived. 😉

Then there was the time in sixth grade where I liked this 8th grader. You know why I liked him? He was tall, had dark hair, and he had his wallet chained to his belt loop. I stared at him every morning from home room. I don’t think I ever even learned his name. I don’t know how much the chained wallet had to do with my crush on him I just remember it swinging from his black loose jeans.

Also, a lot of my crushes in middle school occurred because I found them really annoying, or I found them funny for no reason.

I had a laughing…I have a laughing problem. I laugh at everything, I’ll laugh hysterically at something that happened years ago…as was proven last night on the phone with A.C.

I guess though, most of my crushes came because they paid attention to me and as I shy, introverted person especially in middle school, having someone talk to me, listen to me, seek me out among the crowd? That was the coolest thing.

Do you have any interesting memories about crushes? Can you relate? Let me know!




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