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Spring Hiking | Adventures of Shy Girl


Since coming to college I’ve done a lot of hiking. In the fall, I went with C.H as I have previously written about. It was a lot of fun and since I had never been before it was a learning experience. Not to mention the view from the hill/mountain was absolutely gorgeous.

In the winter, I had a class devoted to hiking and snowshoeing. This class also had C.H. in it and surprisingly the view got even better.

Now its spring. The snow has melted, relationships have changed, and I’ve changed. So much has happened since the last time I’ve been out there but it’s very reassuring to know that the trails and the view remain the same.

It’s said that spring is a time of rebirth, rebuilding, and recovery. I guess now I really know what that means. As the trees begin to recover from the harsh cold of winter, as the animals rebuild their homes, as the flowers are born again from their hibernation, life begins again.

I will do the same. The time has come for me to be reborn, for me to spring up(pun intended) and begin again from the start; I will work to rebuild my life to rebuild my normal. And I will recover from this past harsh winter and all the blows I’ve been dealt. I will survive, because like the trees, like the flowers, I can and I will bounce back. I will shine again and I will be brilliant.

This first hike of the season was really eye-opening and all-round a good time. I went with my roommate and though it was a rather short hike it made me realize how what I’m going through is so natural it happens every year to the nature all around us. It made me realize that although hiking is very much associated with my old relationship, I’m completely okay with that and it doesn’t(won’t) stand in the way of me going hiking.

Here’s to Spring and the many lessons that can be learnt from it.




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