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For The Love Of Coding | Adventures of Shy Girl


Recently in my boring academic life I have been questioning my computer science major. I guess with everything going on I’ve really been focusing all my attention on English and writing.

I began getting interested in Computer Science after playing around on KhanAcademy and learning a bit about Java. It was fascinating and surreal that I could create things just by typing. I mean with less than 30 characters a purple square popped up and with just a few more I could create a little monster character. Soon I was making that cute thing move and all by typing. It was really cool!

As I got more and more obsessed with it, I learned that there were hundreds, possibly even thousands, of languages! Languages that all had their unique quirks and wide range of possibilities. They were just like the multitude of spoken languages…except of course that you didn’t have to speak them. You just have to understand and write them.

For a girl who grew up having a speech impediment, but also had a love of language, this discovery really, truly blew my mind.

I had forgotten this over the past few weeks. It frustrates me that I could have been so easily side-tracked by other things. Yesterday, my teacher assigned a group project. Usually, I wouldn’t like this setup at all but it’s actually been awesome. The assignment is that we need to work with another person and create a program that incorporates the things we have been learning. Today I met with my partner and we began working on our project. Starting it, we needed to discuss what we wanted to do, how to go about it, and then about how the best way to do it would be. My love for this flared. While, I would normally be shy and reserved; I was being really active in the discussion, I was pitching ideas and working with my partner to figure things out.

My teacher often says that most students who study computer science don’t usually become programmers, they don’t actually spend their time writing code. I hope that doesn’t apply to me. I hope that I get to code all the time, because it is so much fun. 🙂




2 thoughts on “For The Love Of Coding | Adventures of Shy Girl

  1. It’s great that you had that experience! I wish more computer science classes had group projects. It’s way more fun, and also more representative of what real programmers do. I hope you stick with it!


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