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Learning to Breathe Again | Adventures of Shy Girl


Since birth, breathing has been involuntary. It was never something that had to be taught. We were delivered into this world and we cried and thus breathed in oxygen and out carbon dioxide.

It’s silly to think that unless someone has been in a serious accident they would ever have to learn to breathe. But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing; Learning to breathe again.

I guess when you go through a lot of difficulties even the simplest things become complicated. Breathing, getting out of bed in the morning, etc., become daily struggles.

Having to practice breathing is weird and seems stupid. But it works and breathing deeply is really, actually very different from the normal way most people breathe. It’s calming and brings your focus out of your thoughts and back to reality. 

Besides the literal interpretation of learning to breathe again, it can also be interpreted as learning to begin again, letting go of the old, and starting with the new.

I guess I’m really stuck on this idea of renewal and rebirth. It keeps popping up in my thoughts and my writing.  Every day is a struggle, every breath hurts but I have to believe that it gets easier, and that normal will return to me. 


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