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When Strength Takes Over.


My life before Friday night was incredibly dreary. I was encompassed by darkness and couldn’t find my way out of it by myself. It made me really not want to be alive anymore. I’m really happy I didn’t do anything drastic because I would have missed all the fun that this past weekend had in store.

Friday night, I unexpectedly had an awesome night. I thought it was going to be a quiet one but it turned out to be completely different. Without even having to leave my room, I had the best night I’ve had in a while. I spent the night with my roommate and our friend playing cards, telling stories, and laughing.


I couldn’t stop, my body was shaking from it.

Saturday, was OHFest, a concert and festival put on by my college and the local state school. After waking up around noon, and getting lunch with my roommate we walked downtown to the festival.

The walk was a lot shorter than I expected, and when we got there it was so crowded, and loud. It was like a flip of the switch. We turned a corner and suddenly my ears were invaded by a pounding beat that echoed off the walls of the surrounding buildings. Main street was transformed.
Vendors were set up along the sidewalks; clothes, jewelry, books, food. There were carnival games, a magician (who notably lacked the ability to enchant a crowd), caricature artists, balloon animals(I got a pig, it’s adorable), and live bands playing.

After making the rounds, we took to walking around town. Eventually we walked back to campus to wait for a bit before going to the concert. Even though I had two jackets on, I was still freezing cold throughout the concert and my feet were frozen by the end of it.

Panic! At The Disco, was amazing! They’re so good live and they’re also my newest obsession!  During the concert however, there was a fight that was a little too close for comfort, way too much smoke, and too many drunk people for my liking. it was however, overall a really good experience. The soreness the next day however, is another story. 🙂

Since then I’ve been flying high with only minimal moments of sadness and to make everything that much better I’ve officially gone two full weeks without a panic attack, a month ago I never would have thought this was possible. Here’s to the future! 🙂



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