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The End Is Near | Part Two | Adventures Of Shy Girl


There is just one more week of classes left before finals but it doesn’t feel like time is running out on me.

Yesterday, with my Modern British Literature class, I went to an art museum in Cooperstown. Pretty much all fifteen of us jumped into a school van and drove a good distance. Although it was cramped(and hot, and sweaty), we all had a lot of fun. Cooperstown is a really beautiful town, everything is so well built. I recommend going to visit. I know I want to go back and walk around.

My English professor is really into going into not only the literature of the time period but also the arts, the music and philosophers. So she scheduled this trip for us to go see Marc Chagall’s costumes for the “Magic Flute”. It was really interesting to see the costumes but what really stuck out to me happened as we were leaving. We were given a few minutes to go to the bathroom if we needed to but most of us just wandered around. In a gallery adjacent to the Chagall exhibit, there was a bunch of paintings in a series called “Real and Imagined: The Paintings of Steven Skollar; his subjects include people and toys. There was one in particular that blew me away called Twilight. When I got back to my room I googled it, images of it does not do it any proper justice. There is really nothing like seeing it in person. The detail and the strokes he uses makes it pop and appear to be three-dimensional, it’s phenomenal.

Last night, it dawned on me that there is really only two weeks left and it freaked me out a bit. It’s going to be so strange not seeing my awesome roommate everyday and sharing a room with her. I got a little sentimental. I’m excited for the next few weeks but I’m also stressed, rightly so. I have a final project in Database Management due that I’m completely stuck on, I have to study for all of my finals and somehow stay sane. Wish me luck.



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