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The End Is Near | Part Four | Adventures Of Shy Girl


Well, I’m three finals away from being done with the semester. My first final went really well, but I just finished with my math final and it definitely did not go as I planned and I studied really hard for it. I went through old quizzes and exams, I did problems from old homeworks. I felt really prepared. Until I got there and looked at the test. I forgot everything. There’s no way I passed.

Moving forward though, I have to finish an essay, write an outline for an essay, make a grammar book for French, and study for English, Visual Programming, and French. Busy, busy, busy!

Luckily, I’m already mostly packed. I have all my textual evidence mapped out, I have the pages marked for French and Visual programming is really easy.

Next time I post will probably be after my French exam. I’ll be wrapping up my thoughts on my first year of college and I might even post the poem I wrote last night.

Until then!



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