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My First Job Interview | Adventures Of Shy Girl


This week, I had my first job interview and although it lasted less than five minutes and didn’t result in a job offer, it was a success. Here’s why:

On Wednesday, I woke up around ten and then lounged around until about 1pm. Nervous but also really excited I began to get ready.

What should I wear? That was a major concern of mine. I needed to look professional but not too professional. I needed to look cute because…well looking cute does wonders for your confidence levels and today I would really need to be confident. I needed to wear a cute pair of shoes because apparently the kind of shoes you wear and the condition they’re in says a lot about you. I decided on a pink peplum top, and a knee-length black skirt. For shoes, I a pair of silver sparkly flats. I felt confident. Looking in the mirror it radiated off of me.

Between getting ready and actually going to the interview I didn’t do much. As the time came closer, naturally my anxiety started to build, but still my excitement was overpowering. When I did get there, it was 20 minutes early so I stood around waiting.

With about five minutes to go until my interview appointment time my excitement started to dwindle. I found myself fiddling with my fingers, and checking the time because even though I was there early I kept feeling as though I was late. With every passing moment my throat became drier, and my stomach knotted itself tighter.

I cast a shy smile every time someone wearing a name tag came into view because any of the ladies walking passed me could be my interviewer. The moment came finally, and a woman approached me.

Let me take a moment to explain the significant of the rest of the interview. I’m terrible at speaking to people I don’t know especially those who are older than me and in a position of power. I’m also awkward and the only experiences I have shaking hands with people is from graduations.

When this woman approached me, I shook her hand. I smiled at her. I answered her questions in an understandable tone and even went as far as to make a semi-witty comment when she answered one of my questions. I was making small talk! I wasn’t frozen and my brain was working. When we finally got to her office, I only stuttered a little while answering her more pointed questions.

Unfortunately, they weren’t looking to hire college students that wouldn’t be around come fall. I still count the interview as a success though. I proved to myself that I can do it and that was worth the would-be humiliating walk passed the women at customer service after only five minutes back there.



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