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I’m A Prime Number | Adventures Of Shy Girl


Today, June 6th, is my birthday! As my best friend points out I’m now a prime number, 19. Fun fact: Prime numbers are used to decrypt previously encrypted data, things like passwords, account numbers, etc,. Today is also the 71st anniversary of D-Day. So it was only fitting that I spent my morning at an airport looking at old military planes, old firetrucks, and cars to support veterans. There was a really good turnout even though it was really windy and chilly.

After checking everything out my mom, sister, and I headed to the mall where we had Taco Bell and then went to get my ears pierced. In middle school I had my ears pierced but I discovered that silver disagrees with my ears so after only six weeks they closed up. This time around I had gold earrings put in and so far everything is going well. I don’t feel them at all and they look really good!

Shortly after, my best friend A.C. came over and we had a lot of quality friend time. I’ve missed her so much! For dinner we had hamburgers with homemade macaroni salad, and roasted marshmallows after.

The day ended with cake and soon A.C. went home. Before bed I sat down with my mom for a bit and watched my all time favorite television show, Gilmore Girls. This was a really important event because I had thought that I wouldn’t be able to really enjoy it after my breakup. It was definitely a little weird at first and I kept thinking about what his reactions would have been but then those thoughts went away.

Earlier in the day I was a little down because a part of me hoped that maybe he would call, or text, or even just tweet me to wish me a happy birthday. I had to remind myself that he has moved on. That I am no longer important to him and that he doesn’t care about me or how I’m doing. I focused my thoughts on my family and how supportive and awesome they’ve been. I love them.



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