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Goodbye Medication | Adventures Of Shy Girl


My head is a wild place to be.

This June marks the end of the first and start of my second year on medication for anxiety. The last few days I have been incredibly anxious/depressed and nothing seems to be making it better. Which is causing me to think that maybe the medicine isn’t working. That maybe there isn’t a good enough reason for me to be on it anymore.

Since last June, I have tried three different doses of Prozac, and two different doses of Zoloft. All of the different doses don’t seem to do anything to aid in this difficult journey that I have found myself an unwilling participant of. I can’t help but wonder about what effects the medicine has really had. Has it made my anxiety better or worse? My instincts sway towards worse. What are those chemicals doing to my body? Has taken the medicine made it harder for me to lose weight? More importantly, what has taken the medicine done to who I am as a person?

Has taken the medicine made me more prone to depressive episodes? Has it altered my personality? Am I nicer than I was off of it or meaner? Does it interfere with my creative thoughts? Does it alter my school performance in a positive or negative way?

These questions keep me up at night and so I’ve decided to stop taking my medication for about two months. That gives me enough time to get it all out of my system, experience what I’m like off of it, and have enough time to start it up again and have it take effect by fall semester, if necessary. For the next few days, I’ll be taking my old dose and then switch to taking it every other day before ending it completely. I’m really excited to know the answers to my questions and I think this will be a good test of how far I’ve come since last June.

I am hoping that this will be a good experience, and of course I will be writing about it.



15 thoughts on “Goodbye Medication | Adventures Of Shy Girl

  1. Other options are always a good thing. Not only focus on how you feel while off of it but also possibly experiment with your diet alittle. I am no nutritionist but I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and have, at one point taken those medications. It’s amazing the things that you will discover about yourself. For example, when I eat McDonalds, I feel sluggish and depressed afterwards but eating certain foods gives me energy and I feel great. This is just my personal opinion. I have also spoken to people who have taken those medications, who say the same thing. I would work with your doctor and express your concerns before doing anything.

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    1. Yes, I’ve heard from several people(my doctor included) that diet can do wonders with anxiety and depression. I’ve seen the changes it makes first hand. My sister has just stopped drinking soda and already she and everyone else in my family can see the difference. However, I hardly, if ever, eat fast food. I don’t drink soda and other high sugar drinks and I don’t drink coffee either. Which are all things that my doctor has brought up about changing. I only drink water. Throughout the past year I had severe anxiety even though I would eat 1-2 salads a day and only drank water, it did give me more energy but didn’t stop my anxiety/depression. I only see two options right now, either I continue taking my medicine or I stop it. I’m going to stop it for a while and see what happens. Thank you for reading and commenting. I love hearing others opinions and thoughts because it makes it so much easier to get through everyday knowing that I am not the only one going through this. Please please please, if you have any other thoughts or advice for me(and other readers), share them. Again, thank you for reading and commenting it means so much to me! ~K.D.


      1. I also want to mention, as you probably already know, that exercise too can do amazing things. For me, when I exercise, my anxiety is almost, if not all, totally gone. I feel peaceful, relaxed, and focused. The soda/caffeine thing is true even though I tend to have one every now and then. And it does contribute to a lot of my symptoms. Diet is great! Exercise releases certain chemicals in the brain that allow you to feel so much better.

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      2. Hi! I am going to be starting a workout routine soon with my two best friends as soon as one of them comes back from India. Throughout the next couple of months I’m going to make it a point to exercise as much as possible, eat healthy, and also continue writing, reading, and learning different programming languages. ~K.D.

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      3. Nice! I luv it. I served with a close fried who specializes in fitness. He releases fitness videos everyday on youtube. If you’re interested, the name of the program is relentless fit365. Very Interesting! Might be worth considering as an option. Just throwing it out there


  2. I guess the key is relaxation.. Look up guided meditations on YouTube and it might take a while to find one you like, but, if you take the time, they can really help.. from my experience, meditation and self hypnosis are really quite similar.. If you have an iPhone or iPad, the Joseph clouth hypnosis app I found to be very good.. Link here to his freebie web page
    If you don’t get on with his voice or approach, try someone else…
    And to answer your question, on my site, yes I do make the graphics, mainly using word swag on the iPad.
    Hope some of this is useful to you and I look forward to hearing of any of it helps..

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    1. You make those graphics on your ipad? I am incredibly jealous and in awe of your skills.

      Thank you for the link, I’ll definitely be testing that out. I’ll try almost anything at this point to keep my anxiety at bay.



  3. Lol, very little skill needed with the App. Can do it on photoshop, but I have 3 kids and not enough time, so it’s kinda like cheating. I got the app confused though, it is actually word dream. For the few pounds it costs, is definitely worth checking out, you really have nothing to be jealous of, but if you feel inspired, then that is all good. Quite often how we word ourselves to ourselves is important. Swap jealous with inspired for example and you will end up feeling different about what you are thinking about a little.. Swap anxious for unsettled, explore the feelings, maybe even write some poetry about them?

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    1. Yes, indeed. During the academic year, my counselor put emphasis on that exact point. I typically write poetry about my emotions but I’ve been having a dry spell, kind of like California. You just gave me a great idea though, thank you.


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