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Disorder or Just An Emotion? | Adventures Of Shy Girl


Anxiety is ever-changing. It’s molded by everything we experience, and it’s natural to feel. As I was recently reminded, Anxiety is an emotion just like happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, etc,. However, when does it stop being just an emotion?

As humans we control our emotions everyday; we contain our excitement, we swallow our pride, we rein in our anger, we breathe and let go of our anxiety, we conquer our fears. Some people though; can’t rein in their anger, they can’t conquer their fears, and anxiety grasps onto them so tightly they can hardly breathe. So is that a character flaw, or do they suffer from mental disorders?

Everybody has different opinions on this subject. Their lines are drawn in different places with varying consistencies, some have an opinion but their opinions have exceptions. Their line is dotted rather than hard and thick like others.

I believe that emotions aren’t supposed to get in the way of living. One panic attack could be a fluke especially if it’s brought on by an extreme stressor, but if multiple scenarios cause a panic attack it’s likely that it’s not just an emotion. If sadness is paralyzing you, and there hasn’t been a tragedy recently in your life, it may be more than sadness. You may be dealing with a mental disorder, at least that’s what I believe.

What do you believe? Where do you draw the line?



5 thoughts on “Disorder or Just An Emotion? | Adventures Of Shy Girl

  1. Battling both, I agree with you. When it starts to become a part of your life and becoming an every day occurrence, it is probably no longer an emotion. When you can’t function because of it. This was an interesting read by the way.

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      1. After having it for so long, you just learn it’s triggers and the ways to calm down. Taking deep breaths helps a lot, but sometimes it just can’t be controlled. It becomes a routine. Such as “oh, I’m in a restaurant full of people. It looks like I will need a to go box.” This because your throat feels tighten and it becomes impossible to swallow, so I pick around until others are done and ask for a box to finish in the privacy of my home. You learn the ropes and once you do it is easy to prepare for what may happen.

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  2. I have dealt with it most of my life. I believe it to be an extreme in various emotions. When using the term “disorder” is to assume we have no control and we have to leave it to Big Pharma to take care of us. Initially, we do not have any control, it seems, over our mind and medication may be required. Heck, I remember when I first started having panic attacks I just wanted them to go away. I didn’t care how! Taking a different approach to reclaim one’s life back is the route I would rather take. Especially, when battling panic “disorder”, I was told that I may never overcome it and I would have to adjust my life to it. It has been a long, slow road but well worth. My mind crumbled only to be rebuilt stronger than before.There were many times I thought I was losing my mind. I had to find answers and search for meaning. I believe we all are handed many challenges in our life. These challenges will help form us into amazing individuals. It will never be easy! It never is. Especially when you’re dealing with mental disorders. It will be tough. One day at a time!

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