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Validity Of Dream Interpretations


When I lay my head down to rest I never know what dreams may come to me. Sometimes, I force myself to think of certain things/people, before falling asleep with the hope that I may dream of them. Sometimes it works, though I’m not sure of how much actually have to do with that. It is however, always nice when I dream of what I want to dream.

I think about cute guys with the hope that I may dream of being in a relationship with them, silly I know, but interesting nonetheless. Those nights are always the best. Though when I wake up, there’s disappointment because the man in my dream was fictional. The mind is really interesting though because with enough of the dream still in my head I can shake off the disappointment and continue to make up stories throughout the day. I’m not delusional though. The girl in the dream is never really me; she acts different, she looks better and she always knows the perfect thing to say, a skill I seriously lack. These are characters that I make up in my head, who live and thrive in the (dream)world that I call home.

Some dreams are the complete opposite though. They are horrifying, disastrous and no matter what I do I can’t shake them. Worst of all, they’re recurring.

Throughout middle school and high school, I’d have a recurring dream every few weeks where my teeth would fall out. When they fell out it didn’t hurt and there was never any blood. If you’ve ever had a crown put in you’ve experienced the piercing feeling of the crown being inserted into your gums. It’s a crazy feeling though not exactly a painful one; which is how it felt in the dreams. They’d all fall out, sometimes one by one but often all at once. There were some dreams where a man would be standing in front of me, faceless. Almost like he was waiting for me to hand over my teeth and I’d have to otherwise I would choke on them.

A few years ago, I was really curious about what these dreams could mean and if any one else experienced something similar. Turns out there’s a site dedicated to it called and a more general site about dreams called

According to the first site, having dreams of your teeth falling out points to insecurities, sexual experience, and the fear of growing older., eased my fear that I was having a strange dream because listed under a tab called “Common Dreams” was Teeth Dreams. This site also offers a much more in-depth look into the different meanings of this particular dream set. It includes descriptions of what it could mean regarding vanity, communication, powerlessness, embarrassment, health, death, and money.

In my case, because of what I was experiencing in real life powerlessness and, communication are the categories that interested me the most. Having my teeth fall out in dreams could point to the fact that I felt like I wasn’t being heard, that I couldn’t communicate fully with people or that I was feeling inferior and lacked self-confidence. Which made a lot of sense to me. Throughout my childhood, I had great difficulty pronouncing words and therefore had a severely damaged confidence. As I’ve grown older my speech has improved significantly and the dreams have also lessened.

So what is the validity of dream interpretations? According to several professionals there is definitely some ground to it, but it should be treated more like literary symbolism rather than actual fact because there is always more than one explanation. Sometimes in a story when a character wears blue all the time he just likes blue(or the author isn’t very creative) and there isn’t any deeper meaning. Of course there are also times when everyday objects carry immense symbolism. For example in the Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger, the ducks and the pond in NYC symbolizes how Holden is able to persevere and live on through the different hostile situations he is placed in. The ducks, in this case, are more than just ducks.

I believe that the same thinking should be applied to dreams. Sometimes there is meaning behind things; other times it’s a detail that was just placed there to further other themes.

What about foreshadowing? Can dreams be a warning of what’s to come? Authors often use foreshadowing as a sneaky way to tell of future events without the readers knowledge(most of the time). So, since dreams can be interpreted using symbolism, can they also utilize foreshadowing?

I’ve personally experienced several different situations that argue for both sides of the argument. For weeks before breaking up with my ex I would have nightmares almost everyday. In these nightmares different situations would play out and they’d always end with him breaking up with me or us getting into a huge fight. Surely enough our relationship ended at the very start of April. While it is possible that those nightmares were foreshadowing that event, it’s also possible that my fears were just manifesting themselves causing the nightmares. Interestingly enough I didn’t have any teeth dreams during this time though I was obviously feeling very insecure and unworthy.

On the other hand, I’ve also had several recurring dreams that could have been foreshadowing future deaths but have yet to actually come true. Of course, there is always the possibility that I just haven’t reached that part of the story yet.

…Jeez, now I’ve muddled up my thoughts and opinions on the subject. Here’s one thing I know to be absolutely true: Dreams are manifestations of how you truly feel, they show the feelings that you had been hiding from everyone, including yourself.

How do you approach dreams? Do you believe in dream interpretation and if so, to what extent? I find myself thinking about this a lot so it’d be great to see what all of you think about it. Have you ever tried to control your dreams and if so, has it ever gone totally wrong? Do you remember your dreams when you wake up? My friends think it’s weird that I can usually clearly remember my dreams for at least a few hours after waking up.

~K.D. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Validity Of Dream Interpretations

  1. You have an amazing imagination. You are going to be a great writer. I remember the things I used to dream of…..I remember the first time I knew I was able to control my dreams….I wasn’t able to control what was in my dreams but the outcome yes. I remember having nightmares and calling on super heroes to fly down and join my battle. It was pretty cool actually. I don’t consider myself delusional just interesting.

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      1. I understand that. What I meant is, when you control the dreams do you have to wake up to redirect it or can you do it while you’re asleep? Otherwise how do you know that you brought them in to the dream and that they weren’t going to be there any way? ~K.D.

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