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3 Reasons Why I’m Never Going To Finish My TBR List.


Reading is my favorite pastime and it’s no secret that books fed my soul like food feds my stomach. With 245 books and counting on my TBR list it feels like I will never get to read them all. Most likely, I won’t be able to and here’s why:

Time. I read faster than most of the people I’ve encountered but even so, that doesn’t give me the amount of time it would take to read all of those books. Typically, if uninterrupted I can finish a book up to 500 pages long in under 4 hours. Meaning that in order to read all of the books on my TBR list would total 980 hours, or almost 41 days. I’m rarely ever lucky enough to be able to read a book straight through now that I’m in college so it would take longer than that.

Resources. Books are expensive. I hardly ever buy books new and the majority of the ones I do read I get from the library. However, as I’m sure you all know, libraries can be extremely limited. I’m lucky enough to live near a library that has a borrowing system in place with dozens of other libraries. However, even that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be able to find some of the books on my list.  There are also books that are only available as E-Books, which though I have an E-Reader, I greatly prefer an actual book.

Reading Level. Some of the books on my list have been there for a while because they are by foreign authors that haven’t been published in America. Also, some of the books on my list take preference over others. As I grow older the books that I passed over are now at a lower reading level than I am used to reading. This by fair is one of the bittersweet revelations since becoming an English major.  Learning and being able to comprehend complex stories is never a bad thing. I’ve discovered so many different, and amazing books that a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have even been able to grasp on to what was happening. However, it also means that there are some books that are no longer interesting because they are written so simply.

These three things prevent me and many other readers from completing their to-read list. What stands in your way? What books have you had to toss aside? Have you ever fallen in love with a book only to find out that it wasn’t available where you live? Let me know!





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