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Untitled One | Release the Restraints Wednesday


The poem I have for you today isn’t new; I wrote it last fall as an assignment for my Intro to Creative Writing class. I wanted to post this one though because it was the first time I’ve ever truly played around with couplets.

A couplet is a set of two lines that rhyme. Robert Frost is an example of a poet who would write full poems using only couplets and he’s also one of my favorite poets.

Here is today’s poem:

Life beings a newas the leaves becomeThe first copy I handed in was nothing like this, it took a few revisions before it became a poem about the rise and decline of a relationship.

How does this poem make you feel? What is your lasting impression of it?

What’s your favorite Robert Frost poem? My favorites include: A Minor Bird, Fire and Ice, and Nothing Gold Can Stay.



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