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Short Shorts


IT’S HOT! Although it’s already towards the end of July it feels as though summer has just begun. We are just now reaching average summer temperatures and it’s accompanied by high humidity. Fun Fact: I’m a big fan of dresses. They flow and are lightweight while also being extremely cute.

Around my freshmen year in high school, shopping for spring and summer wear became increasingly difficult. Short shorts became popular and it with that, finding shorts that were long enough to cover a few inches more than just my butt became nearly impossible.

I’ve always been a bit bigger in my thighs than other girls. Thunder thighs, as many people so eloquently describe them and positive body image has always been a struggle for me. Imagine a lever. With the fulcrum in the middle and a foot on either side. The lever is balanced, or “even-tempered”. You’re not arrogant but also aren’t lacking in confidence. Most of my life, I’ve been walking across the lever unwillingly. I’ve always experienced moments, even days, of absolute love for my body. On the other side of that, I’ve experienced long bouts of absolute loathe for my body.

This makes shopping for clothes difficult because I can see something and love it, I can even try it on in the store and love it on me. But once I buy it and bring it home, everything can change. There’s been so many clothes that I’ve bought and then only worn once because I just thought I looked incredibly gross in it. Because of this, I’ve never even thought of buying short shorts until this summer. Every time that I’d try on a pair in the store, I could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror. It seemed like no matter how well they fit around my waist, they would always squeeze my thighs in the worst way, misshaping my legs. The other day, though, I went on a limb and bought a pair. They still squeezed my legs into a misshapen mess and at first, I was still grossed out at the image that was reflected back at me from the mirror. That didn’t matter though, because after standing in front of the mirror and pulling at the ends of the shorts, I was finally comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t know how long this confidence will last. I hope it stays around forever but I’m a realist and I know that’s impossible.

Here is my advice: Wear what makes you comfortable. I wish I could say with conviction that you shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions. But, I’d be making myself a hypocrite because I know how difficult that can be.





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