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One | Release the Restraints Wednesday


I’ve always wanted to write a series of poems that are all connected somehow. With help from my best friend A.C. I’ve decided that I want to write a series of poems based on the numbers 1-10. I realized that lately I’ve been embarking on very difficult journeys all by myself, it’s something that I can’t seem to stop doing to myself. This journey however, I hope, will be a fun one. Therefore, it’s with great pleasure that I share, “One”!

A figure stands up on a mountain peak,
     It looks down for something to tweak. 
     Through the misty fog, a spot appears, 
     the faintest glimmer of a girl on a pier.

     The figure catches the girl’s reflection,
     and tries to summon her, but is deflected.
     It’s face contorts and sighs inside, the girl
     is revisiting a lake of her own creation, from before,
     when her tears were uncontrollable, 
     and for a while she was inconsolable. 
     The earth caught them, and cherished
     them. Her lake grew and plants no longer perished.

     She visits her lake nearly everyday and peeks
     down at her reflection, there she finds what she seeks. 
     Everyday the lake grows smaller, 
     and as it does she stands taller.

     The figure descends to meet, the girl who learned, 
     to stop the tears all on her own. It burned
     the figure, who stopped cold right behind
     her, trying to touch, trying to find,
     the source of all her strength. She twirls
     and faces the figure, eyes red and swollen, she hurls
     rocks that she gathered at the figure 
     hoping that with its tears the lake will reconfigure.

     She kneels to the ground and stares up at the figure,
     “You! You are not wanted here. I am one. I am whole 
     all on my own. You are not needed. This life is not 
     yours to twist. I am one and that is far better than two.”

I hope that one day I will be able to truly believe the sentiments in this poem.

Please, Please, Please, let me know what you think! As a reminder, this poem and every other poem, short story, and review that I post on here is my original work that I own. If you’d like to share it please do so by linking people to this post.



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