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Front facing cameras on smartphones are a fabulous invention. My phone doesn’t have one but somehow(and luckily) I’ve managed to live through this devastating social handicap. Right now, you’re on the internet which means that there is a 99.999% chance that you know about the selfie phenomenon. Selfies are great, personally I take waaaay too many but we’ll get into that later.

I’m all for people taking Selfies for many reasons but the most important one being that Selfies are a great way to promote and support positive body image. No one takes a Selfie and posts it on social media if they don’t think they look good.

Like Everything Though, There is a Time and Place for Selfies:

While walking in the hallway; probably not a good idea. While driving; definitely not a good idea. During a funeral; not a good idea…unless the deceased person was all about them and Selfies were part of their final wishes. Other places like at a concert; taking Selfies is completely okay. Just don’t take a billion cause you’re likely missing out on the concert experience entirely and concerts are the best. At parties; again. Completely okay. While laying in bed, on the floor, in a desk chair, in front of a mirror, all suitable places.

Selfie Etiquette:

Make sure that you’re not accidentally getting someone else in the shot who doesn’t want their face plastered all over social media. Don’t get in other people’s way and don’t do something stupid. “The internet is forever.” That’s it. Literally. If you want to make the “duck face”, just do you!

When You See Selfies Online:

Be positive! Leave kind comments on them. Like them. If you don’t like the picture: Scroll on, Scroll on. The web is full of negativity already. By being on the internet you are very powerful, that’s really important to remember. One of your best powers, is the ability to just scroll passed something you don’t find appealing. Selfies are not products. You don’t need to give them a bad ‘review’ like you would something on Amazon.

Borderline Obsessive Selfie Taking:

Many people, including myself can be grouped into this category. As mentioned above, I take a lot of Selfies. I post maybe 3 a week on Instagram, sometimes more if I feel really good about myself. As someone with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues Selfies are a great way to combat them. It is narcissism, there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying that every time you post something online you’re engaging in narcissistic acts. We’re a bunch of hedonistic individuals; taking Selfies, and receiving likes online from people you know and anonymous internet people make us feel good. There are so many days where I look in the mirror and feel gross/ugly but then I go on Instagram and see my Selfies and I start to feel better.

So, why shouldn’t people take Selfies? What are your opinions on Selfies? Let’s discuss this. Do you think many Selfies on Instagram is a red flag or a green one? What do Selfies say about our generation?




2 thoughts on “#Selfies

  1. I never take selfies on my own and post online but I am comfortable taking them with other people – and them even posting images I am not 100% comfortable with.
    I sometimes take selfies but usually to show something – never just because I think I look good.
    My ex used to ask me to take them and I used to hate it. Id rather send funny pics of me – which are still selfies – rather than looking pretty.
    It’s interesting you mentioned the body positive aspects of selfies because i am generally a confident person but I just can’t bring myself to take selfies of myself looking pretty and posting them on social media


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