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Eight Miles | Adventures Of Shy Girl


So far this summer I haven’t really done anything that consists of leaving my house besides going for occasional walks with my dad. I’ve read many books; I’ve written posts, and poetry. I’ve hung out with friends, gone to the store, and that just about covers it. Not very exciting, I know. It’s been a really great summer though. So maybe I haven’t gone swimming or on fancy trips. Maybe I haven’t been to the beach, so what? I’ve spent my days relaxing(…and stressing -_-), I’ve spent them doing what I love surrounded by people I love.

On the 7th, my sister and I embarked on an adventure! The day was a little on the hot side and the sun blanketed our faces with a nurturing warmth. In the lovely state of New York, a railway has been converted into a walkway and it stretches for over 13 miles, crossing roads, lakes, and rivers. It’s all wonderfully serene.

We started off in one direction, walking 4 miles. On the way, we saw some inspirational graffiti, birds colored in the coolest way, and so many butterflies.

9(“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.”)


Far into our walk, we came to a lake and stopped to appreciate the beauty of nature. The coolest part about this lake was that it’s part of a wetland, so it’s surrounded by plants and covered in lily pads. I’ve never seen lily pads or water lilies in person before, so I was blown away. The sound of frogs jumping around and of fish reaching the surface broke the silence. To me, this is by far the most relaxing nature sound and I can still hear it. πŸ™‚


We were sore, dead on our feet, and thirsty by the time we finished our walk. The soreness I still feel now was so worth it, though!

My sister and I didn’t really talk for the majority of our trip. I’m glad about that, though, because the silence and breaths of fresh, oxygen rich air really cleared my head. By the end, even though I was tired I couldn’t keep a smile off my face. Overall, it was a really memorable day with my sister that I’ll cherish forever and for a few hours it cleared my head of every anxiety.


“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare.


2 thoughts on “Eight Miles | Adventures Of Shy Girl

  1. I’m glad you had fun on the walk! I know I did even though I am still sore. Don’t mean to be the person who corrects you but the rail trail is 13 miles long on our side of the river only. It continues on the other side for about the same distance.

    Anyway I’m glad I was able to help you have a few hours of being anxiety free! That’s what big sisters are for.

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