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This Isn’t Working…

Hello, fellow adventurers.

Something isn’t working and it’s causing me an incredible amount of stress and anxiety. So, when something is broken, you have to fix it.

Posting Schedule Problem. This has been causing me so much stress. When I started this blog, my posts came either clustered together or spread way apart. To fix this, I created a schedule that was working for a while: Sunday, Tuesday, Release the Restraints Wednesday, and Friday. However, that has become too much. With so many posts a week, I feel as though I’m just cranking them out instead of really writing, editing, rewriting, and then posting them. I think that the quality of my work is being negatively affected and I want to be able to produce articles that I’m really proud of.

Posting Schedule Solution. I’m keeping Release the Restraints Wednesday, I think it’s a great idea and one that I’m not finished exploring the possibilities of yet. I will also keep posting on Tuesdays, besides that I may publish something at random. This will allow me the time to come up with and produce quality posts that will be informative, inspiring, funny, relate-able, interesting, and more. It’ll also help come September, when I’m back at school with a 18-19 credit load.

Woo. I can feel the stress slipping away already! Until next time!





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