Release the Restraints Wednesday

Look To Your Sky | Release the Restraint Wednesday


This past week, I attempted to write a sonnet for today’s “Release the Restraints Wednesday”. However, I found it really difficult. I couldn’t get into a rhyming rhythm and didn’t want to deal with iambic pentameter. Mostly though, whenever I think of sonnets I think of love. I feel like all I do is write love or heartbreak poems and I desperately needed a break from that.

I think it’s really important that people focus on making sure they’re happy before they look towards others. Depending on others is a slippery slope that, I think, is best avoided. This week, I wrote a poem about looking out for yourself and your dreams called, “Look to Your Sky.” Here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

Look to your sky,
find your star
grab at it
stretch out your hand,
strain your fingers
and pull yourself up.

Look to your sky,
find your sun
feel it against your skin,
allow the warmth
to radiate off of you
and pull yourself up.



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