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Big Family, Big Party | Part Two | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello fellow adventurers!

After my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary last Saturday, my family and I stayed the night at my grandmother’s place. I have a lot of memories revolving around her house, Christmas’s and Thanksgivings among other events where we stayed over, and the place has remained virtually the same throughout my life. There’s the low ceilings, the slightly stuffy smell that seems to surround the possessions of the elderly everywhere(nice alliteration, right?), the number magnets on the fridge, and the shelf of old toys for visiting grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The bedding in the upstairs room where I often shared a bed with my sisters, has also remained the same and for these reasons I found it hard to fall asleep. The place literally reeked with memories that kept me from getting tired and forced me to stay up later than everyone, even my grandma who is notorious for going to bed late.

While alone in the dining room, I finished reading The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith. A book that didn’t inspire any grand emotions in me. I didn’t love it but I also didn’t hate it, and felt little to no connection with the characters. After finishing the book, I started writing a new project of mine(A book, mayhap?) that I’m really excited about. It’s super secret, though. Shhh!!

Sunday, we woke up early and traveled down a road that led us through several small, cute towns and passed a couple of lakes. Most importantly, though I did really enjoy seeing the small towns cause they’re just adorable, the road led us to my eldest sister. I haven’t seen my oldest sister in over a year and so much has changed since that time. I was, for reasons unknown, very guarded and shy. I didn’t talk much and kind of recoiled when touched.

Which makes no sense because I love and have missed my sister so much. My sister lives with her fiancee, and her fiancee’s kids in an apartment. I met everyone, her fiancee is lovely, and their cat is beautiful. Literally…bluest eyes ever. I petted the cat even though I’m allergic, stupid but worth it. After the introductions and reunions, we dragged my sister away to the store with us to get materials for lunch. Since everyone couldn’t fit in our car, a few of us walked to Seneca Lake through town. Again, I love small towns! They’re so cute! We took many pictures at the lake because as we get older, my family is becoming more and more dispersed and we haven’t had family pictures taken in a long time. At the end of a long dock, a few of us climbed down on the rocks and I put my feet into the water. After hanging out for some time down at the dock we went and got the largest cone of soft serve ice cream possible. All and all it was a great visit, even if it was too short.



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