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End of August Anxiety |Part One | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello fellow adventurers!

As of today, there is only 5 days left until I arrive back on campus for move-in day. Fall semester is going to be insanely busy! I’m taking 18 credits, I’m the treasurer of a club, I’m going to join the newspaper, will possibly be participating in the Dance club, and hopefully will have a work-study position. I’m really excited for all the new possibilities that this semester holds. However, the end of August has been filled with anxiety from many different sources.

Packing. Packing is so overwhelming, especially for college. You’re basically packing up 80% of your belongings and moving it. The big stuff is easy; clothes, shoes, books, computer, etc. It’s the little things that are hard to keep track of: Jewellery, medicine, dvd collection,  decorations, stuffed animals, cords, etc. The worst part though is the mess that accumulates as the packing gets underway. There are always piles everywhere, and half-filled boxes. I can’t stand unorganized piles and so as the mess gets larger my anxiety sky-rockets.

Awkward Encounters. So, this doesn’t have anything to do with moving back to college but it’s still something that caused me a lot of anxiety this week. Yesterday, my dad and I went to the grocery store. I’m not sure how it is in the rest of the world but in order to get a shopping cart here you have to use a quarter to unlock it and you get it back when you return the cart. The cart we were using was not equipped with the locking mechanism so we didn’t need a quarter to use it, when I went to return it an older lady was going to take out a cart so I just gave her mine. She proceeded to reach out and push a quarter in my hand even though I never asked, and the lack of a locking mechanism was clearly visible to everyone. So, I was really confused and I just accepted the quarter and paused. Stuttering, my mind went blank, my face got all hot, and I could feel myself getting sweaty. All of my instincts, told me to just leave the situation, fight or flight, and so I did. I turned around to leave but that was when a lady leaving the store spoke up, notified the lady that she didn’t have to give me a quarter, and freaked me out even more. I turned around, handed back the quarter, and spluttered about how I too was confused that she gave me it because she didn’t have to. Finally, I got into my dad’s car and we drove away.  Have you ever experienced something like this? If so, please share!

Before leaving for college, I’m going to be hanging out with my friends one last time, getting crafty by creating dorm decor, going to the doctors and dentist, and lastly, spending the day with my mom and sister at a water park.

Are you going back to college? How do you go about packing? What are you looking forward to the most?

Until next time!





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