All Hyped Up: Moving In And First Day Of Classes

Hello fellow adventurers!

I’m officially all settled in at college! I can’t believe that I’m actually back, it feels unreal. College, is perhaps my favorite place to be so far(besides my bed, let’s be real.). The people are great, the views are great, there’s so much to do, and it’s a learning environment filled with dozens of highly educated human beings just waiting to pass on their knowledge to others. What could be better?

My parent’s car was packed full on move-in day and on the 2.5 hour trip I was surrounded and covered by my belongings. It wasn’t always comfortable but, it was also never painful. I was so tired from the previous day when I spent the day at a water/amusement park. At the park, there was: good food, good company, and good rides! My sister convinced me to go on a wooden roller-coaster that was a lot faster than it looked from the ground. Overall, it was so fun and well-worth the long car ride there and back. I digress. Our car was really packed, and the trip seemed to drag on forever. Finally, though we made it and I got my key.

Over the summer, my college renovated; so my building among several others has new furniture, and freshly painted walls. What a difference those changes make! It’s not that I didn’t like the furniture from last year, cause I did but the mattress was really uncomfortable and the walls had paint missing in large spots. The new mattress is so comfortable, more so than my mattress at home. The first time I laid down on it, I didn’t want to get up! The one thing that was not a great change is the desk. Last year the desk had a top piece that included a shelf and a cork board; now it’s just a flat desk with one long drawer. Boring and inconvenient.

After I moved in all of my belongings, we had to drive across campus to refill our car with my roommates things because her car broke down! While lifting something heavy I strained my triceps which is very painful!

The best thing ever, though, was the fact that I was reunited with my roommate! She’s the best and I missed her over the summer!


First day of classes! My first class wasn’t until 10am but for some reason, perhaps nervousness or excitement, I woke up before 8am and spent the rest of the morning really hyper. A lot of my time was spent dancing around my room. My first class was composition which is full of first years, but that’s okay. The class is going to be a lot of writing but, obviously, I love writing so everything will be grand.

My second class was Advanced Programming Techniques, I’m super excited for this class. For a while, it’s going to be a place of anxiety because of someone who is also in that class. Hopefully, I’ll get used to them quickly and then everything will be fine.

My last class was Computer Organization and Assembly Languages. This class seems like it’s going to be really interesting and I’m excited to learn about the topics, though I’m not a huge fan of the way my professor teaches.

I also had an interview for a work-study position that seemed to go really well. Fingers-crossed that I get the position!

Today is my first day of American Poetry and Creative Writing. I can’t wait! How is college going for those of you that are at that stage? How did you decorate your dorm room? I may have over decorated.

Until next time,



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