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9 Differences Between Freshman and Sophomore Year | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello, fellow adventurers!

As many of you know, I’ve just started my second year of college. Since the start of the semester there has been noticeable differences between this year and last year. With the help of my friends I’ve complied a list of differences between the two years:

  1. Teachers know you. Because it’s a small school within the first year you meet pretty much every professor associated with your major. This is great because not only do they know your name, they know your handwriting, and your personality. For example, my professors know that I’m shy and therefore wait for me to raise my hand or join the discussion instead of trying to force me into participating. They also know that even if I’m not actively part of the discussion, I’m still listening and engaged.
  2.  No more getting lost! When you first get to campus freshman year, the first thing you notice is that most of the time when approaching from your dorm the buildings aren’t clearly marked. This makes it easy to get lost and confused. I remember constantly being confused because some of the buildings look similar and are close together, while others were on different levels of the hill. It made for a confusing time, because I’d walk around on one level and not be able to find a building only to realize that I needed to walk down a long staircase and the building was right there. Now, though, I know all of the buildings and the different shortcuts to get to where I need to go in a hurry.
  3. No mandatory classes. By this I don’t mean classes associated with your major but, the first year seminar and the half-semester introduction to college class. While I didn’t particularly mind these, I know others who absolutely hated them and are very glad they don’t have to deal with them.
  4. Established in clubs. If there was one thing that always scared me to inaction last year it was clubs. You’re literally walking into a “club”, so they already have a set way of doing things, plus the E-Board and members from last year are already friends. It’s intimidating. I managed to join a club last year and I’m really happy that I did because it’s so much fun and I made some good friends. Now, in my second year I’m the treasurer of our writing club and am joining more clubs.
  5. You know people. This is probably my favorite thing. Even if you aren’t friends with certain people, you are still acquainted with them. There will always be new people to meet but that isn’t as scary as it was last year. When I came back to school, I was surprised by how many people appeared happy to see and talk to me.
  6. You aren’t the youngest. To be honest, this part freaks me out. It’s weird not being the youngest on campus but it’s also really nice because of everything mentioned above.
  7. Better parking spots! I don’t even have my driver’s license so this doesn’t apply to me directly but my roommate is very, very happy about this. Freshman usually get the spots that are far away from everything and as upperclassmen you get to park almost anywhere.
  8. Food. As a second year, you know what foods to avoid in the dining hall and are familiar with the staff.
  9. Walking. You also now know how early you have to leave in order to get to class on time, so there’s really no excuse for being late. Except for the first few days.

Did I miss anything? What differences do you see between the two years? Let me know!



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