Counselling | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello, fellow adventurers!

More and more, I’m feeling like I’m on the road to recovery. This has to do with multiple factors but largely in part to my regular weekly visits to my counselor. If you are: anxious, depressed, or have any other mental illnesses/issues that are causing you trouble, please seek out help from a counselor. They can make such a difference and across many if not all college campuses in America access to counseling is free of charge. Not enough people take advantage of counselors as resources.

Last year, a little into spring semester I started seeing a counselor at my college. I was really skeptical because previously I had gone to see one and had a really bad experience. Friends who are no longer friends had to convince me to give to another go, and I’m glad I did. Many people are against seeing counselors/therapists because they don’t believe in discussing their problems with people outside of the family. Some people also think that what’s on their mind doesn’t warrant an appointment, that it isn’t big or important enough and some people are just scared.

There are many things that I love about having a counselor and one of those things is this: nothing is too trivial. These are things that I may not bring up in conversations with friends or family because they seem unimportant or uninteresting. They’re also the thoughts that end up weighing you down because you think about them but never say anything.

I see my counselor 1-2 times a week and we talk about everything from major problems and anxiety triggers to what happened in class and within my friend group. These sessions give me the time and space to talk about everything because at the end of the day my counselor is a third-party participant. She doesn’t know my friends or my family and therefore she remains objective. She listens to everything, making comments and offering advice when appropriate and remaining quiet so that I can speak everything that’s on my mind.

Being able to just talk without the possibility of hurting someone else’s feelings, or being interrupted constantly with a barrage of opinions that were never requested is my ultimate favorite thing about having a counselor. When I talk to her there is no filter, I talk freely without worry.


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