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Arms Around | Release The Restraints Wednesday

Hello fellow adventurers!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem called Arms Around that I’m going to share today. This poem is one that started to exhibit the darkness that’s been infiltrating my head lately. I hope that some of you out there will be able to relate to the sentiments I express in this poem. Release The Restraints Wednesday’s are my favorite because it’s a time and place for me to show off first drafts of poems without worrying about who is reading them or judging them.

Arms Around

Encased in strong rough arms,
head rested in the nook of your neck.
Eyes half closed,
faces slightly angled away.

Strong arms, heat radiates
breathes in sync.
Clouds of comfort surround us;
our minds are off in the distance.

Pressed against you, my body
is warm. A peaceful smile rests
on my face, but yours is neutral.
Your eyes close all the way.

Who are you holding? I can’t help
but wonder. Physically, it is I you hold,
where is your head? Who do you think of
when you look at me? Do you see me?

Encased in strong rough arms,
I can’t help but wonder,
who it is you think about in
that chaotic mind of yours.

Strong arms, heat radiates
and my pulse quickens.
Here we lay, so close but so far.
My eyes close all the way.

With your arms around me,
I wonder who it is you think about
when you hold me, kiss me. More so
I wonder, if you asked me the same,
would the answer be you?
I’m not too sure.

Until next time,



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