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Halfway Through The Semester | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello fellow adventurers.

Gosh. It’s been a while since I blogged an actual post.

New People

Life has been strange to say the least. College is constantly changing, causing intense whiplash to students everywhere and the semester is flying by. Most days are great but they have also been hard, busy, anxiety-filled, and sleepless. It’s also been fun; I’ve met so many different people, whose life stories replicate some of the backstories of fictional characters. I always thought that those stories were exaggerated, and that it just wasn’t possible for so many things to happen to one person but there is truth to these novels. I’ve gained a new appreciation for people, and novels alike.

In the course of the last five weeks I’ve grown incredibly close to new people. Which is strange because I’ve never known myself to be the kind of person who just clicks with people. Most of my friendships took a hell of a lot longer to form. However, with my new friends we’ve reached a point that normally takes months for me. Last year, a senior told me that time moves differently in college and I didn’t believe her. Now I do.

Friends from last year that I was never really close to have become a constant fixture in my weekly schedule. Which is all great, these people are all so unique, positive, and caring. However, this is the part where my anxiety and introversion comes out to wreck all that’s good. I find that I almost never have time to myself unless I’m doing homework, which has caused me to want to skip classes in order to hide out somewhere and be alone.


For the most part, I love all of my classes. With the exception of one, they’re all interesting and eye-opening.

Composition is a mandatory class and being the second year English major that I am – it’s super easy, common sense easy. Advanced Programming techniques is really fun, we’re continuing c# and the labs are becoming more and more realistic. Even more exciting, seeing my ex in class has become a non event. Contemporary American Poetry is a really fun class, because we literally just talk about poems for over an hour. It’s also very predictable, there’s a set routine that helps on my more anxious days. Computer Organization and Assembly Languages is another interesting class, so far we’ve learned: binary; hexadecimal; how to code at the machine level; and at the assembly level. It’s also a really difficult class that causes me a lot of stress. Finally, my last class is Creative Writing: Short Fiction. This class is a challenge because poetry is definitely my strong suit not short stories. On the upside, I’m learning techniques to make my stories better, and have a teacher who recognizes my talent and passion for writing.

This semester really, truly is flying by and I’ve been swept away by the gust it creates.

Until next time, (which will be much sooner!)




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