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I Gave The World A Show | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello fellow adventurers,

The last time I wrote was the day before the first performance. The performances are over now, and I had a blast!

The first performance was difficult. The room was packed full of noisy students and it was hard to keep a smile on my face as I was supposed to. There’s a part in the dance where I have to stand with my left foot dug, and my left hand on my hip for several counts while smiling(of course) and staring out at the crowd. My hand and foot were shaking so bad that I had to fight to stay posed. I made it through the dance though, with just a few mistakes in my foot work.

The second show went a lot smoother. This was the show that my parents came to and they sat in the second row, center. I felt like a completely different person on stage during the dance. My smile wobbled a little at the beginning but once I got into it, I was beaming. It was also a lot easier to look out into the crowd because I could just stare at my parents. Usually this would have made me even more nervous but I was so proud and confident. I stared my dad down each time I faced forward and when that pose came my body only shook a little.

I’m really grateful for my roommate who urged me to do her dance, and for the friends and family who supported me. I never thought I’d be able to dance on stage and to be able to say that I’ve done that is an incredible feat.

My anxiety didn’t win, I did.


Until next time,



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