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15 Things I Learned in 2015 | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello fellow adventurers,

2015 was one hell of a year. I experienced so many new and different things. Even when things were hard, this blog was and still is my safe haven. Thank you for being here, and for listening for you have been an important part of my recovery.

Here are some of the serious and random things I’ve learned this past year: 15 Things I Learned in 2015.

1. People will come and go. 

Most people are temporary especially in early adulthood. People you think could be your closest friends can be gone by summer break. Someone important to you can change their minds about what they want and leave. I don’t want to say that its human nature but, for these few years – it is. It’s okay though. There will come a time where people stay and those that left will be a distant memory.

2. Some promises won’t last forever. 

Pinkie promises just don’t work when you aren’t five years old. That guy who swore he’d never leave – will leave. The one that promised to always be there – won’t be. You’ll break that promise you made to call home every week, and the one about eating healthy(only eating fries once a week), and the one about going to bed by 10:30 every night. It happens and in some cases it hurts – like hell. Always work to stay true to promises you make or even better – don’t make promises you can’t keep.

3. My family is incredibly supportive. 

I always knew my family had my back but 2015 was the first year that it was truly tested. I really threw my parents some curve balls but they hit it out of the park each time.

4. “Falling is easy, it’s getting back up that becomes the problem.”

 I took this line from a song by Staind called Falling. My sister and I always listened to it in the car; I still know all of the words to the song. This past year, I learned how true those words are. Whether it’s actual falling, or having a depressive episode, falling in love, getting behind in class, etc., getting/catching back up is the hardest part. There’s a quote that goes something like, “The strongest people aren’t those who have never fallen but rather those that continue to get up,” and so although I hate falling, I live for the chance to stand up, dust myself off and walk away.

5. It’s important to have friends that don’t cause anxiety. 

When I started college I had many friends, and most of them caused so much anxiety for different reasons: they caused social pressure – they were more outgoing and pressured me to hang out when I didn’t want to; they were manipulative; they didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t understand where I was coming from. The group of friends I have now is completely different. They try to and sometimes can understand where I’m coming from. They don’t pressure me to be more sociable than I can be and they don’t put me into awkward situations. With them, I’m free to be myself without judgement.

6. Broccoli is delicious. 

There. I said it. I love broccoli, especially with a little salt and some butter. I detested it as a child but now I can’t get enough!

7. Mental Health is always changing. 

I started off with Generalized Anxiety Disorder but as time went on other things were added: Trichotillomania, depression, and self-harm. Things that caused me anxiety in 2014 no longer affect me; things that never caused anxiety like being in large crowds are now debilitating. Though aggravating the changes also give me hope that in the future I can overcome and better manage my anxiety.

8. A good attitude will get you more places than negativity. 

This is something that I’m sure everyone knows but it was 2015 that really taught me about everything that having a positive attitude and outlook can do for you. Besides just being a good way to keep depression away, having a good attitude is infectious. Smiling at people, being polite(yet firm if necessary), being willing to help and being flexible make doing the little, sometimes annoying, things a smooth and painless experience. It also just feels fantastic!

9. People are willing to help. 

I’m at a time in my life where I have so many questions about my future and well…I guess my past and present too. Let’s focus on the future though. In 2015, I’ve met some really great people who have been kind enough to answer my questions, help me build a resume, help me make connections, and allow me to prove myself capable of working. On the personal side, I’ve met people who genuinely care about my health and make themselves available for me to talk to them about my anxiety, relationships, etc. I’m forever grateful to all of these people.

10. Friends can come from the most unlikely of sources. 

It’s hard to explain to people how I came to be friends with a close friend of mine. They focus on the person we have in common rather than all of the other things we share. In a way, she’s like a mentor and an older sister to me. She offers the best advice because she’s been through a lot of what I’m going through.

11. Counseling is the best. 

Though these friends are no longer in my life, I’ll always be grateful that they convinced me to go see a counselor. Counseling has taught me coping skills, and has given me an outlet to discuss(and rant about) things that are happening in my life.

12. Talking in person is 100% better than trying to discuss a serious issue over text/phone. 

Boy, oh boy did I learn this. Everything is subject to being misinterpreted over text. Sarcasm and joking do not go over well, and everything seems harsher when you’re reading it on a phone. It doesn’t give you a chance to face what you’re saying or the person. No matter how awkward a conversation may be, talk it out in person. Just do it.

13. I’m not perfect. 

A truer statement has never been said.

14. But I’m okay, and I’m strong. 

I can get through anything, and so can you.

15. Life is awesome and totally worth living. 

There were times in 2015 where I wanted to give up. I didn’t want to deal with anything anymore. I held on though, and I’m glad because life is funky and interesting. There’s so much to do, and so many people to meet.

Until next time,


P.S. What did you learn in 2015?


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