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Genealogy: The Greatest Story Of All | Part One | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Hello fellow adventurers!

It’s fair to say that I don’t know that much about my ancestry.
Here’s what I do know:

I’m Polish and Irish.
3 out of my 4 grandparents.
Nearly all of my aunts and uncles.
Some facts.

With the help of a faculty member at college, I’m going to be stepping back into history to discover: the names of my great-etc., relatives; what they did; what they were passionate about; and where they came from.

Naturally, I started with my maternal grandfather because I never had the chance to meet him. Before I started, I asked my parents for as much information as they could give me and discovered that my mom didn’t know her grandparents on her father’s side.

Instead of studying that night…bad, I know…I started digging around the internet and found the U.S. Census from 1940. Using my grandfather’s name as the search parameters, I found his family’s document. Listed were his parents names, their ages in 1940, his brothers and sister’s names and ages, and where they lived. By this time, it was almost midnight so I had to wait until morning to call my mom and tell her the good news. That didn’t stop me from calling my eldest sister to tell her what I’d found and to use her as an outlet for my giddiness. My other sister was working so I had to settle on texting her what I’d found but it was still an amazing feeling.

Finding these names was like having a cup of hot cocoa after being out in the snow for too long. It warmed me, and of course…made me incredibly hyper.

I can’t wait to find out more. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Have you ever traced your genealogy? How big is your family tree? Are you interested in these kinds of things?

Let me know!

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Genealogy: The Greatest Story Of All | Part One | Adventures Of Shy Girl

  1. Ha! Ooooh that first taste of stepping into your family’s past is a nice adrenaline rush. I swear I am a junkie in that area. Going to the library or your local historical society is a big help. I have found quite a bit of information just from obituaries alone. I started three years ago. I have over 2,000 people in my tree. Hopefully you’ve heard of too. I didn’t hear about it until a year ago. It would have saved me some money. Good luck! Google books is a good source as well.

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  2. Hi Kelly. I have quite a bit off info on my mother’s genealogy. My dad came from Norway and I only know the names of two of his sisters and one neice. I know little more about that side of our family and not much more about your grandfather Dwyer’s family. I can send you what little I know if you want me to sometime.

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