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Spring Semester 2016

Hello fellow adventurers,

On Monday, my spring semester starts and it’s shaping up to be very busy and challenging. I’m taking a bunch of courses directly related to my computer science major, as well as a creative writing class with a friend of mine that will prove to be very helpful for this writing adventure that I’m on. I’ll also be taking a history class that’s fulfilling a general education requirement.

Besides my courses, I’ll be involved in two clubs and will be working 7 hours a week.

The Courses I’m Taking:

Advanced Single Variable Calculus: I’m definitely not excited for this class. I love everything about being a computer science major except for the math requirements. Math doesn’t come easy to me but I’m hoping that with hard work and a positive attitude I’ll make it through this semester.

Women in American History:¬†This is a class that I’m taking to fulfill a requirement. History is interesting to me but when it’s for a class it becomes kind of boring. I’d rather be completing research by myself or reading historically accurate books.

Computer Security: I am super excited for this class! This is one of the possible fields that I want to go in once I graduate. I can’t wait to learn, I’ve already started reading the textbook for the class because it’s so interesting.

Programming Languages: The professor has said that this class is going to be project based, but based on the professor I also know that it’s going to be a difficult class. So I’m excited but also hesitant.

Creative Writing: Nonfiction: Although this class starts at 8am, which means I’ll have to wake up at some point during the 6am hour, I’m really excited. The class is being taught by my advisor, who also taught my creative writing class in the fall. I’ll also have a couple of friends in this class that should make the 8am start time manageable.

Extracurricular Activities:

Computer Science Club: I’m the treasurer of the club, which is also in it’s first year. The spring semester is going to be very important in terms of determining what exactly we want to be doing while also keeping people interested by putting on events.

Writing Club: I’m also the treasurer of our school’s writing club, “Writing Underground”. I love everyone in this club so I can’t wait to get back into meetings. Spring semester is also when we put out our literary magazine, “Word of Mouth”.


Besides all of that, working, and counseling, I’m hoping to work out at least twice a week and keep this blog going. College is going by so fast. I can’t believe it and I’m trying my best to keep my head up and my nose out of drama.

Hopefully your semesters, and lives are going well! As always, the new semester opens the door to new adventures and I’m ready to go on some.

Until next time,





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