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Day Two of Spring Semester 2016 | Adventures Of Shy Girl

As written about in my last post, spring semester started on Monday. I was really worried about starting this semester because of my math class and other negative social things that are going on, but so far everything has been wonderful. I feel like a brand new person; better, happier, and more positive.

I’m going to be busy this semester, that’s for sure. With 18 credits, two clubs, a job, and friends I’m not sure how much sleep I’m going to be getting, but that’s okay because my classes seem interesting; I love my job; I’m passionate about the clubs I’m in, and my friends are incredible.

Even math, the class I despise the most, doesn’t seem too bad because I have friends in the class and a friend who has taken it before and is willing to help me out.

My first day was filled with anxiety, but normal anxiety. The kind everyone gets about new classes and people. I woke up early enough to be able to do my makeup and hair, eat, and stress about the day ahead.

Computer security is definitely going to be one of my favorite classes. If reading the textbook for fun wasn’t proof enough, the first class solidified it. At the end of the course, I may even be able to get certified which would look fantastic on my resume.

I wasn’t sure what Programming Languages was going to be about but I’m really interested in the fact that it’s a class based on the history of programming languages. Where did Java come from? What’s a variable and how do different languages use them? We’re also going to be programming our own three pass compiler and learning a couple of languages.

My creative nonfiction class is going to be a lot of writing but I’m excited. A lot of it is going to be fairly similar to some of the posts I have written in the past which will help the quality of my posts in the future.

After classes, I had work and then stayed around on campus to study and play bingo(I didn’t win). Once bingo ended, I spent some time talking and reminiscing about high school with a friend and playing pool. I love people who you can just talk to for hours about the most random things. I’m grateful to finally have people like that back in my life.

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