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Colds and Anxiety Medication

Throughout the past few weeks it seems like everyone on campus has gotten sick in one form or another. Whether it be the flu or a cough, everywhere you turned you’d find someone trying to hide it. It was inevitable then, that I was going to get sick. And I did. I spent the second weekend of my semester feeling incredibly nauseous, with a fever, and being unable to sleep. Every time I moved a fraction of an inch I thought I was going to throw up. The next weekend, my throat began to hurt and I developed a cough.

When I get sick, my sleep habits get messed up and my medication schedule depends on when I wake up and when I go to bed. If I sleep too late, I don’t take my medicine. If I stay up too late and am distracted, I don’t take my medicine. If I’m nauseous, I don’t take my medicine. If I feel even a little sick, I don’t take my medicine.

Basically, I hadn’t taken my anxiety medicine on a normal schedule in over a week. Does anyone else do this? One of the pills that I take for anxiety tastes horrible. The second it touches my tongue/gums/throat it makes me gag and so when I’m sick I don’t take it in order to avoid any mishaps. This of course, creates an even worse mishaps. Stopping anxiety medicine out of nowhere is a Really. Bad. Idea. Really bad. Don’t follow my example. I do this way too often and it always ends with me in bed crying about something small, feeling really overwhelmed, and overly anxious for no reason.

How do you deal with medications/anxiety when you’re sick? Does it get worse when you’re sick or better? Let me know!




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