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A typical side effect with anxiety and depression medications is a change in appetite. Recently, my doses were changed and now this side effect has reared it’s head. My appetite for food is significantly lower than normal. I simply find myself not wanting to eat and have found that many foods just don’t sound good anymore. The last time I felt like this was before I was diagnosed with anxiety and put on medicine. I lost a lot of weight and eating always made me nauseous.

The similarities are striking.

I’m okay with the change though. I’m not scared to admit that throughout college I’ve gained a good amount of weight. With this new loss of appetite, I can begin to lose some of that weight and change my eating habits. I know that this isn’t necessarily a good mindset, but I figure as long as I eat everyday, keep my doctors apprised of the situation then all is fine.

It has made me think though.

My appetite for food is at an all time low but my appetite for other things is much higher. I hunger for adventure, for experience, for passion. Summer is coming and with that comes endless opportunities. Though I don’t know what exactly I’m doing this summer yet(I’m still waiting to hear about an internship) it’s all I can think about.

I think about having a summer full of trying new things, testing my strengths and knowledge and pushing myself further. I’m ready to work and show people what I can do. I’m ready to really find my passion with computers. I’m really interested in security and forensics but who knows, maybe software development is my passion, maybe web design. I want to discover that.

Who knows. What a dynamic phrase, depending on the context it can mean so many things. I’m glad that I can finally use it in a positive manner.

Until next time,




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